Friday, May 29, 2009

Ship ahoy matey! - Sykkylven Boat Festival approaches

As you might not know Sykkylven is pretty close to the water. In fact you can probably jump from my balcony into the Atlantic Ocean. Given there is a tide and your legs are really strong...

This proximity to the ocean makes Sykkylven the ideal place for "Sykkylven Båtfestival 2009" (Sykkylven Boat Festival 2009). Clever as you are; you might imagine that it's about boats, Sykkylven and other boat related stuff. Quite correct. But mostly it's about beer, and lots of it. The whole thing is a massive gathering of boats anchoring up at "Verkstaden Bistro" (the local pup/diner) and getting hammered.

From what I remember of last years event it goes something like this:
(This will be a step by step recap of the night)
  1. Dock your boat
  2. Go to the pub
  3. Get hammered
  4. Talk about your boat
  5. Get people to enter your boat
  6. Get angry and throw people off your boat
  7. Back to bar
  8. Drink
  9. Invite people to boat
  10. Repeat step 6-10 until passed out
  11. Wake up
  12. Confirm that someone has untied your boat
  13. Repeat from top
Normally someone ends up in the ocean as well. Quite entertaining stuff.
I recommend you all to drop by if you have the chance. I'll report back ones it's all over.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weather in Sykkylven changes with a coin toss

Update: Hurray. I broke my wrist. No cycling to work for a while!

Today I was not awoken by the seagulls having sex on my neighbour’s roof. Today it was the rain. Not pouring like a made man, but still enough to make the streets of Sykkylven pretty wet.

Earlier this year I made a promise to my self that I would bike to work every day. Sykkylven is not that big, so it only takes about 5-10 minutes to get to my office. However, 5-10 minuets in rain with no fenders is something else. Funny thing was that I really enjoyed it! It was refreshing so I was looking forward to my trip home as well.

When my day was over I got all suited up in my rain cloths and headed on out to find sunny skies all over the place. It was rely warm and nice so the tip home didn't go quite as expected. Not to worry though, I got plenty wet from cycling full speed in a raincoat through sunny Sykkylven. Yeah.

So basically: If you're moving to Sykkylven bring a raincoat and a backpack to stash it in when the sun comes out.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Seagulls that crap on my car should explode instantly

Sykkylven is fairly nice when it's not raining. Like now, when we're going on the third week of bright and sunny days. However fair weather also brings birds. Sykkylven being close to the sea gets seagulls.

As far as I understand seagulls server no purpose in life except maybe eating sardines. Seeing that the sardines are dying out thanks to excessive fishing and change in currents; I purpose that Mother Nature let the seagulls know that they're obsolete. If we end up having all our corn eaten by locust, so be it. I rather have bugs on my windshield than crap all over my car.

God! I hate it when there's crap on my car!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Circus is in Town - Elephants rule!

It's been 15 years since I was at the Circus. When I noticed that Arnardo was in Sykkylven. I had to go. The prizing for circus tickets were ridicules, luckily a friend had some 50% off voucher. VIP treatment is fun, even when all the people attending are VIP's. I wonder how they make it all work when everyone pay half price, even at a small place like Sykkylven.

Made a few phone call, talked about elephants and convinced people to come. At this time I had no idea if there would be elephants. This is what I've been missing about the circus:
  • Cotton Candy: Not so much the sweet, but the machine.
  • Trapeze artists: They are just to awesome. What an amazing sex life those guys must have.
  • Contortionists: Someone with no spine deserves a special place in our hearts.
  • The Clown Dog: It's just too cute! This one could do handstands (pawstands?). That's beyond awesome.
  • Hot chicks in tight costumes: I noticed this the first time I was to the Circus, at age 3. I'm sure all men agree.
I slept exceptionally well after seeing Arnardo again. Dreamed about Elephants and people in weird costumes. All I can say is: Go to the circus!