Thursday, July 2, 2009

Maya makes Folven camping work

Folven camping has terrible management. Luckily there are some exceptions: Maya. Not sure if giving her praise on the web without knowing her in person is proper, but what the heck, she deserves the credit.

During autumn I tried figuring out whether or not my deal with Folven Camping was still valid. After 3 unanswered mails, 5 unsuccessful calls and 3-4 broken callback promises Maya stepped in.

I was about to give up on Folven. My last resort was to write a frank mail about the issue from my office to underline the fact that 1. I'm an employed professional grown up and 2. I live close by. I was quite fed up with being polite so it was a no-bullshit e-mail stating my business and willingness to drive over in person and slam cash in their hands if they had some problems picking up the phone.

Maya to the rescue! Until now I'd been dealing with the official Management, the moment Maya stepped in it all got sorted. I drove in with the trailer, talked to Maya, parked it. Sun on my face and a gentle breeze on my back.

Next weekend on arrival I had no keys. I went to see Maya, she told me to ask the receptionist for some chain cutters. Then the whole thing escalated.The receptionist started asking all sort of question and wanted payment for the lot I payed for 3 weeks earlier. I was just about to get tempered when Maya ones again saves the day:

  • Maya: What's going on?
  • Rep: This dude says he has paid and now he want tools to get into his trailer.
  • Seb: I see where it is confusing, but check your records.
  • Maya: This dude is OK, just give him what he wants.
Maya is my Folven hero. I follow her on Twitter and her blog (in Norwegian) to get the inside scoop on Folven.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The west coast has some serious heat management issues

What I presume is some sort of heatwave has struck Sykkylven. It's 23:00 in the evening and I'm sweating in only my pajamas trouser, which arn't all that heavyweight.

When I moved to the West Coast I was sort of prepared for the rain, although far from adequate, the heat however caught me totally off guard.

I feel like doing like Valemon here. But I have no ice.

I know we in Norway shouldn't complain when the weather is fair. But this is ridiculous. I want a normal temp with dry weather. Not humid heat. We live in the North, It's not supposed to be like this. Stop polluting and make it al right again!