Thursday, July 2, 2009

Maya makes Folven camping work

Folven camping has terrible management. Luckily there are some exceptions: Maya. Not sure if giving her praise on the web without knowing her in person is proper, but what the heck, she deserves the credit.

During autumn I tried figuring out whether or not my deal with Folven Camping was still valid. After 3 unanswered mails, 5 unsuccessful calls and 3-4 broken callback promises Maya stepped in.

I was about to give up on Folven. My last resort was to write a frank mail about the issue from my office to underline the fact that 1. I'm an employed professional grown up and 2. I live close by. I was quite fed up with being polite so it was a no-bullshit e-mail stating my business and willingness to drive over in person and slam cash in their hands if they had some problems picking up the phone.

Maya to the rescue! Until now I'd been dealing with the official Management, the moment Maya stepped in it all got sorted. I drove in with the trailer, talked to Maya, parked it. Sun on my face and a gentle breeze on my back.

Next weekend on arrival I had no keys. I went to see Maya, she told me to ask the receptionist for some chain cutters. Then the whole thing escalated.The receptionist started asking all sort of question and wanted payment for the lot I payed for 3 weeks earlier. I was just about to get tempered when Maya ones again saves the day:

  • Maya: What's going on?
  • Rep: This dude says he has paid and now he want tools to get into his trailer.
  • Seb: I see where it is confusing, but check your records.
  • Maya: This dude is OK, just give him what he wants.
Maya is my Folven hero. I follow her on Twitter and her blog (in Norwegian) to get the inside scoop on Folven.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The west coast has some serious heat management issues

What I presume is some sort of heatwave has struck Sykkylven. It's 23:00 in the evening and I'm sweating in only my pajamas trouser, which arn't all that heavyweight.

When I moved to the West Coast I was sort of prepared for the rain, although far from adequate, the heat however caught me totally off guard.

I feel like doing like Valemon here. But I have no ice.

I know we in Norway shouldn't complain when the weather is fair. But this is ridiculous. I want a normal temp with dry weather. Not humid heat. We live in the North, It's not supposed to be like this. Stop polluting and make it al right again!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The movies is to expensive, let's watch it on my brand new 157" Plasma Projector

Sadly there is no Sykkylven Kino (kino is a cinema in Norwegian). Apparently there used to be a Kino here, but the people of Sykkylven thought it was to old, ran to poor movies or didn't compete whit their 28" CRT. So, when we now have 60"+ Plasmas I think the outlook for Sykkylven Kino is pretty grim.

There are so many movies I've wanted to see this spring. But each time I ask someone they answer one of three things:
  1. It's too expensive.
    Our closest Cinema is 50 min away at Moa near Ă…lesund. To get there you need to take a ferry. Gas + ferry + ticket = Roughly 200 per person.
  2. The cinema is to old and with poor image quality.
    Seams like everyone in Sykkylven is a movie connoisseur. Funny when my friend who works at Oslo Kino loves our cinema. She think it has style, class and is in a world of it's own. A bit like Gimle I believe.
  3. Nice. So you got a good rip already? Let's watch it on my 50"
    Rip is referring to a screener or something. A camera is used to record the movie in horrible quality. Not saying anything, but #2 and #3 don't quite add up.
So people in Sykkylven don't want to go to the movies because it's to expensive, poor quality and a long drive. But they will watch a poor quality screener on their 40 000 NOK TV or wait 6 months for the DVD.

Let me get one thing straight: Going to the movie is not about picture quality or sofa comfort. It's about sharing an experience with friends! Maybe I'm just a spoiled East Sider, but going to cultural things is important to me, sharing the experience more so.

Bonus: Here's a short math quiz for you. How many times can you go to the movies if not buying a 40 000 NOK TV? (Paste you answer as a comment and you might win a Movie invitation)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Give me the strength not to murder their children while they sleep - if hellspawn sleep

The rain changed into sunshine again, I'm happy to say. What I'm not so happy about is the seagulls enjoying it to. Sykkylven is full of seagulls that crap on my car. So I parked it hundred or so yards away from where the flying assholes live and though nothing more of it.

Now that the rain has stopped the seagulls seam to be bored - so they've found a new hobby: Dive bomb crapping. It's just what it sounds like.
  1. Make racket about people on ground.
  2. Fly overhead making racket.
  3. Dive towards human looking upwards at racket.
  4. Shit in your eye while making even more racket.
  5. Get all their bastard friends to join in on racket.
Someone, give me the strength not to murder the seagulls' offspring while they sleep. Remind me again why seagulls are protected wildlife?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Was God angry or Evolution Drunk when our bones were connected?

I'm a firm believer that cycling to work is good for both your health and environment. Breaking my wrist while cycling home from work has left me questioning whether or not our designers were high during the process. I have a couple of open questions:
  • How come our wrists contain 10-20 miniature bones that can't withstand impact when the normal reflex is to break a fall by putting out your arms?
  • Why is the knee a T-joint when everyday movement puts rotation on this joint?
  • Our backs are made for walking and can't cope with sitting, our knees are made for sitting and can't coupe with walking. How come?
  • The head will gain the most velocity in a fall ... why is our brain placed in the area most pruned to high velocity impacts?
  • Is it really better to have a single toe control 20% of our balance apposed to a tail?
  • Shoulders, knees, wrists and ankles damage easily. Why is there no backup system?
I'm just saying... Doesn't make much sense. I think Dr. Frankenstein was on to something with his reanimation. I wish he could reanimate my wrist a little bit.