Friday, May 29, 2009

Ship ahoy matey! - Sykkylven Boat Festival approaches

As you might not know Sykkylven is pretty close to the water. In fact you can probably jump from my balcony into the Atlantic Ocean. Given there is a tide and your legs are really strong...

This proximity to the ocean makes Sykkylven the ideal place for "Sykkylven Båtfestival 2009" (Sykkylven Boat Festival 2009). Clever as you are; you might imagine that it's about boats, Sykkylven and other boat related stuff. Quite correct. But mostly it's about beer, and lots of it. The whole thing is a massive gathering of boats anchoring up at "Verkstaden Bistro" (the local pup/diner) and getting hammered.

From what I remember of last years event it goes something like this:
(This will be a step by step recap of the night)
  1. Dock your boat
  2. Go to the pub
  3. Get hammered
  4. Talk about your boat
  5. Get people to enter your boat
  6. Get angry and throw people off your boat
  7. Back to bar
  8. Drink
  9. Invite people to boat
  10. Repeat step 6-10 until passed out
  11. Wake up
  12. Confirm that someone has untied your boat
  13. Repeat from top
Normally someone ends up in the ocean as well. Quite entertaining stuff.
I recommend you all to drop by if you have the chance. I'll report back ones it's all over.

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