Thursday, June 25, 2009

The movies is to expensive, let's watch it on my brand new 157" Plasma Projector

Sadly there is no Sykkylven Kino (kino is a cinema in Norwegian). Apparently there used to be a Kino here, but the people of Sykkylven thought it was to old, ran to poor movies or didn't compete whit their 28" CRT. So, when we now have 60"+ Plasmas I think the outlook for Sykkylven Kino is pretty grim.

There are so many movies I've wanted to see this spring. But each time I ask someone they answer one of three things:
  1. It's too expensive.
    Our closest Cinema is 50 min away at Moa near Ă…lesund. To get there you need to take a ferry. Gas + ferry + ticket = Roughly 200 per person.
  2. The cinema is to old and with poor image quality.
    Seams like everyone in Sykkylven is a movie connoisseur. Funny when my friend who works at Oslo Kino loves our cinema. She think it has style, class and is in a world of it's own. A bit like Gimle I believe.
  3. Nice. So you got a good rip already? Let's watch it on my 50"
    Rip is referring to a screener or something. A camera is used to record the movie in horrible quality. Not saying anything, but #2 and #3 don't quite add up.
So people in Sykkylven don't want to go to the movies because it's to expensive, poor quality and a long drive. But they will watch a poor quality screener on their 40 000 NOK TV or wait 6 months for the DVD.

Let me get one thing straight: Going to the movie is not about picture quality or sofa comfort. It's about sharing an experience with friends! Maybe I'm just a spoiled East Sider, but going to cultural things is important to me, sharing the experience more so.

Bonus: Here's a short math quiz for you. How many times can you go to the movies if not buying a 40 000 NOK TV? (Paste you answer as a comment and you might win a Movie invitation)

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