Monday, June 22, 2009

Was God angry or Evolution Drunk when our bones were connected?

I'm a firm believer that cycling to work is good for both your health and environment. Breaking my wrist while cycling home from work has left me questioning whether or not our designers were high during the process. I have a couple of open questions:
  • How come our wrists contain 10-20 miniature bones that can't withstand impact when the normal reflex is to break a fall by putting out your arms?
  • Why is the knee a T-joint when everyday movement puts rotation on this joint?
  • Our backs are made for walking and can't cope with sitting, our knees are made for sitting and can't coupe with walking. How come?
  • The head will gain the most velocity in a fall ... why is our brain placed in the area most pruned to high velocity impacts?
  • Is it really better to have a single toe control 20% of our balance apposed to a tail?
  • Shoulders, knees, wrists and ankles damage easily. Why is there no backup system?
I'm just saying... Doesn't make much sense. I think Dr. Frankenstein was on to something with his reanimation. I wish he could reanimate my wrist a little bit.

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ღ Inger ღ said...

visste ikke at du hadde blogg jeg! har du holdt på lenge?

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