Monday, June 15, 2009

World's longest sofa, 890.25 meters, in Sykkylven, Norway

The results for the world's longes sofa attempt is in: 890.25 meters. On a rainy Sunday at noon 300 volunteers assembled what turned out to be the longest sofa in the world. The assembly took 47 minutes and was supervised by Kaoru Ishikawa from the Guinness Book of World Records.

The World's longest sofa is roughly 890.25 meters built across Sykkylven bridge which connects one side of the fjord with the other. (photo: Sofaprosjektet/
Ishikawa mad sure the 890.25 meter sofa got it's place in the Guinness Book of World Records after precise measurement by the City Councilman and the Chief of Police.

- The idea of building the world's longest sofa across Sykkylven bridge made us all smile. When it made us smile the idea was the general public probably also would. This record will stay with Sykkylven for eternity. If not: we will take the actions required to protect it - says Arve Ekornes of Ekornes.

The sofa was sold before construction, probably to locals in Sykkylven and factories. The project took one year to plan and was a joint effort by all the local furniture manufacturers to ones and for all show what Sykkylven is all about: record breaking sofas.

Seeing the record is fresh there is currently no official info from Guinness but you may a video of Ishikawa's comment or a post by national press. Ishikawa seam happy about the record, sad about the rain and confused why anyone would do this in the first place.

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