Wednesday, June 10, 2009

World's longest sofa record - Sure beats your tiny thing

What Sykkylven does for publicity is pretty interesting. This time it's building the world's longest sofa.

This is where the sofa will sit. The bridge is about 860 meters. (foto: you've never heard of Sykkylven (Norway), chances are you have no idea Sykkylven is the furniture manufacturing capital of the world. But it's true. The main export here is furniture - some 20 billion NOK worth (that's just a made up figure, I have no clue. Ekornes exported some 2 billion NOK worth in 2008 though).

So how does Sykkylven plan to claim its fame? By producing the world's longest sofa - A 860 meter long Sofa. (Sykkylven actually acquired this record back in 2008 with a 62 meter sofa but apparently lost it to Poland).'s refection on the last record was about why people even bother. I think this is fantastic. Not only does Sykkylven plan to make the world's longest sofa, but also annihilate the previous record by 10 folds. That's one huge sofa. Can't wait to stretch out in it this Sunday.


vidar said...

The sofa will be 860 meter, not 680....

Cbastus said...

O. My bad. Thanks for noticing. To bad it's raining though.

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